Firebase project for your lobby screen

Firebase project Lobby Screen design


  1. To re-purpose the touch screen tv with informative content so visitors can interact while waiting at the lobby.
  2. The process of maintaining the content must be easy.



Currently, the tv is used to display festive content or campaigns poster. Feedback from customer service officer, most of the visitors look at the content but none of them knew they are touchable.

To update the content, the admin must physically go down to the lobby to make changes to the system directly.



We come out with a proposed plan that besides displaying festive content and campaigns poster, we can also showcase the latest thought leadership articles. If the visitor wants to find out more about the articles they can visit the website or download the app.

Design wise I had used iPhone as the visual background and the coding used are HTML, jQquery, and Firebase.

lobby screen 1


With this implementation, the admin just needs to update the Firebase from his/her desk and the page will be instantly updated.

lobby screen 2

When there is no interaction to the tv screen, screen saver mode will be activated. It will display infographic from insight articles and also festive and campaign poster depending on the month of the year.


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