Download EZ-Link app to earn points for rewards

Why you should download the EZ-Link app

I have been using EZ-Link app for almost for a year now. There are a lot of good features that it can do. Such as checking your EZ-Link transactions, block the card, topping up your EZ-Link and earn points for rewards.

The main reason why I use this app is just to earn EZ-Link points and redeem them for rewards. Points are earned when I use the card for my daily transport and payment.

I just need to download the app, link my card (you can add up to 7 cards) into the app and I can start earning points. Periodically, I just log in to check that I do remember to turn my points into reward before the points expired.


How to earn points?

EZ-Link app how to earn points


Let see what type of rewards you can redeem.


EZ-Link products

EZ-Link app products


Food and beverages

EZ-Link app food and beverages



EZ-Link app Lifestyle


One Faber Group

EZ-Link app One Faber Group



EZ-Link app services



EZ-Link app shopee



EZ-Link app travel

Start downloading now and let the app do the job for you.

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