World Cup 2018 Result and Schedule App


  1. To create an app for world cup 2018 in two weeks time



I took up IOS and Android programming classes from Republic Polytechnic back in 2016/2017 but I have not been practicing coding since. In two weeks time, it will be World Cup 2018, millions of people including me will want to know the result and the schedule of every match. Therefore I decide to create a result and schedule app and at the same time practice my programming skill. But creating an app in two weeks time is a big challenge and I need a good solution to solve this problem.



Instead of creating a full pledge IOS or Android app, I decided to do a hybrid app for Android. The main reason for this is that Google has a one time $25 registration fee which I need to pay before I can upload an app. While for IOS, I will need to pay $99 per year in order to upload an app.

I will be using JQuery Mobile to code my app, Google Firebase as my database and Adobe PhoneGap to compile before uploading into the Play store.

What features can you see in the app

  • Check upcoming match schedule
  • Check the group table
  • All matches result
  • Country result
  • Other statistics data such as top scorer, the total number of total goals and etc


Debrief and Result

During the period there is a total of 264 users downloaded the app. 55% of them are from Malaysia and 14% are from Singapore.

At first, the app works really well as the days go by it start to load slower. The reason is that more data is been called to load into the app, it might take up more than 20 seconds.

The World Cup 2018 has come to an end but I will want to make an improvement to the app on this loading problem.

You can try to download the app at World Cup 2018 Result and Schedule.




World Cup 2018 - Home



World Cup 2018 - Matches



World Cup 2018 - Group



World Cup 2018 - Country



World Cup 2018 - Stats

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