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Genting Malaysia

Genting Malaysia getaway 2019

Once a year, I will bring my parents to Genting Malaysia for a quick getaway and usually stay there for three nights. The few reasons why we keep going back are the cool weather, the food and familiarly of the place.

I believe the experience of running Genting Singapore has helped them to redevelop their shopping and entertainment sectors as it is today.


Why I decided to write this post

A lot of my friends and colleagues have not been to Genting Malaysia for at least 10 years. Their common questions are is the road trip safe, what can you do there and how I plan my trip.

So I decided to share my experience with those who like to visit Genting Malaysia and have not done so in years.


About Genting Malaysia

Resorts World Genting is an integrated resort development comprising hotels, shopping malls, theme parks, and casino. It is 6,000 feet above sea level with cool weather ranging from 14 – 22 degrees daily. (Depending on which month you are going)

genting malaysia map

Fun facts

  • 6 Hotels (Crockfords, Genting Grand, Maxims, Resorts World Awana, Resorts Hotels, First World Hotel, and Theme Park Hotel);
  • 2 Casino (Genting Casino and SkyCasino);
  • 4 shopping malls (Genting Highlands Premium outlets, SkyAvenue, First World Plaza and Awana SkyCentral);
  • More than 10 000 hotel rooms;
  • 1 indoor theme park and 1 outdoor theme park (outdoor theme park not ready yet);
  • 1 cinema;
  • 225 dining outlets;
  • 4, 500 parking spaces;
  • 2 show venues (Genting International Showroom and Arena of Stars).



Usually, I take Transtar night coach to go to  Genting Malaysia. It is a Premium/SVIP coach with 26 to 37 seaters. There are two meeting points, one at Macdonald Lavender MRT station near the Macdonald and the other is at Golden Mile Complex.

Bus ticket cost: SGD $31

Genting Malaysia Transtar Bus

Genting Malaysia transtar coach

Genting Malaysia transtar chair

The journey is about 6 hours depending on the traffic. The bus departs from Lavender MRT at 10.30 pm and head to Golden Mile Complex. It will stay there to pick up a few more passengers before departing at 11.00 pm to Tuas Checkpoint. At about midnight, we cleared the Malaysia customs and head to the first rest stop.


Yong Peng Lucky Garden

After two hours, we reached our first rest stop Yong Peng Lucky Garden for a 30 min toilet break. Since it is two am, only a few stores are still open for business you can have mee rebus or chicken rice and a drink.

Genting Malaysia Yong Peng food stall

Genting Malaysia yong peng drink stall

Genting Malaysia yong peng mee

If you are not hungry, you can go to the minimart to buy some tidbits. No data plan? You can even get your SIM card at the mobile shop (right side of this photo is taken).

5 GB data with 8 minutes call time: $RM 40

Genting Malaysia Yong Peng minimart


Kuala Lumpur petrol station

After two hours (4 am), we reached our second rest stop. We are at Kuala Lumpur petrol station for a 15 minutes toilet break. The driver took this time to refuel and washed the coach.

Genting Malaysia rest stop 2


Uphill road

The uphill road to Genting has improved tremendously. Many of you who have visited Genting 10 year ago might remember it as a muddly dangerous road but not anymore. Back then, there is only one road with two-way directions but now they have two paths, one for going up and one for coming down. They also expanded the road to a 3 lane drive.

Genting Malaysia uphill road

Genting Malaysia uphill road


The basement of Resort Hotel

After another two hours (6 am),  we reached the basement of the Resort Hotel. Next, they will stop at the First World Hotel. (They only stop at two locations)

The basement of Resort Hotel


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