What is Google Search Console and how to setup

What is Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free web service for webmasters to monitor their site performance and fix any issues reported. Formerly it is known as Google Webmaster Tools and the link still exists. You can still log in from Google Webmaster and it will redirect you to Google Search Console.


What can Google Search Console do

You can view the site performance, top keyword queries, mobile usability, search analytics, add sitemaps and page indexing reporting.


What is the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform where you can track and find reports on your website traffic. Google Search Console is to report whether your site has any technical problem and help you with your SEO. I have written an article in a detail the Difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics on how to use it.


How to set up your Google Search Console

  • Click the link https://search.google.com/search-console/about, click the start now button and log in using your Google account id.google-search-console-1
  • If you are doing this the first time you will see this screen. You can select either Domain or URL prefix, for our example, we will choose URL prefix. Then enter your domain name and click continue.google-search-console-2
  • If you have added a domain before and want to add another domain, click on the red box. Then click on add property. You will see a similar screen above.google-search-console-3
  • Now you need to verify ownership that the website is yours. There are a few ways you can do it
    • HTML file: Upload the HTML file provided and upload it to your directory and click verify.
    • HTML Tag: Copy the HTML code provided and copy that to the <head> section of your homepage and click verify.google-search-console-5
    • Google Analytics: Google Analytics: If you have this installed just click verify else you can read this article to install Google Analytics.google-search-console-6
    • Google Tag Manager: If you are already using it, click on verifygoogle-search-console-7
    • Domain name provider: copy the text record and place that into your DNS configuration.google-search-console-8
  • Finally, click on the done.

Now you have to wait for the data to be populated. Come back again in a week to check the data.

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