How to configure your Google Search Console setting

Google Search Console setting 15

What is a sitemap

A sitemap is a .xml file where it provides information to Google about what pages your website consists of. When Googlebot (a crawler send by Google) come to your site, they will read your sitemap.xml file to pick up all the information they need. Or once you have a new page, you can come back to Google Search Console to update the XML file.


How to submit it

Just key in the filename of your sitemap (usually is call sitemap.xml) in the space provided.

Google Search Console setting 1

If you don’t have a sitemap you can generate is at

Google Search Console setting 2

Key in your URL in the textbox and click start. Once it is done, click on view sitemap details.

Google Search Console setting 3

Download the XML sitemap.

Google Search Console setting 4

Unzip and upload the file to your directory. Go back to Google Search Console, click on the sitemap link on the left and on the right key in the file name.


Add Google Search Console with Google Analytics

Adding Google Search into your Google Analytics makes it easier to read your traffic in one location. And Just use Google Search Console to troubleshoot your site.

Login to your Google Analytics account. Click on the Admin tab on the bottom left. Then click on the property setting on the right panel.

Google Search Console setting 5

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Adjust Search Console button. Then select the domain of your website.

Google Search Console setting 6

You’ll see your websiteís URL, confirms that the website is verified in Search Console and you have permission to make changes. After that, the data will be shown in Google Analytics. Click on acquisition -> Search Conole -> Landing page

 Google Search Console setting7

Okay for setting wise that is all you can do. The rest of the tab is to help you to fix and improve your site performance. Let’s take a look at what are they.



You will see three charts on the Overview page, Performance, Coverage, and Enhancement. That all you need to know. I will explain what each chart means below.

Google Search Console setting 8



It will show you the trend of how users visit your site through search engines.

Total Clicks: How many times a user clicked through to your site depends on the search result.

Total impressions: How many times a user saw a link to your site in the search results.

Average CTR: The percentage of impressions that resulted in a click.

Average position: The average position in search results for your site.

The more interesting part is the second chart, where it will show you what queries users search to come to the site. You can then build further on your pages using some of the queries listed. For example “chrome incognito missing” query is driving users to my site, I can write more articles related to this topic.

For the other tab such as pages, countries, devices and search appearance are more of web traffic analytics.

Google Search Console setting 9


URL Inspection

Type in the URL of your website in the grey box and the result will give you a status what Google sees.

Google Search Console setting 10



From the report, if there is an error in your web pages it will list the result below and you can try to fix it from there.

Google Search Console setting 11


Mobile Usability

This report will show you usability problems when users viewed on mobile devices then you can try to fix it.

Google Search Console setting 12


Sitelinks searchbox

This report will show you if there is any problem with the search box.

Google Search Console setting 13



This is to see who is linking to your site. (For my data, somehow it looks weird, as all the external links are my own.)

Google Search Console setting 14


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