Difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Analytics is all about numbers, you can find data regarding your website traffic.

Google Search Console is to help you to troubleshoot and optimize your website. Previously it is known as Google Webmaster Tools.

Both of them work differently but together it can help you to improve your site traffic and SEO.

I will briefly show you what Google Analytics and Google Search Console can do. For more detail, you can check out my previous post How to read the Google Analytics report and What is Google Search Console and how to setup.


Google Analytics Report

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  • Realtime = This allows you to check the activity currently happening on your site. You can see data such as locations, traffic sources, content, events, and conversions.
  • Audience = You can find out what type of users are visiting your site. You will not exactly know who is the person due to privacy but you can still get generic information out of it. Data such as user demographics, geolocation, browsers used, interests, mobile devices used and etc.
  • Acquisition = This section will tell you where your users came from to your site. It can be from organic search, direct links, social links or referral links.
  • Behavior = It will tell you which are the top pages, what the average time they spend, the bounce rate and etc.
  • Conversions = You can set your goals in conversions and assign a certain value to it. Once a user completed an action the data will be recorded. Just an example let say you have set 1000 pageview equal to one dollar of ad dollars. So if a particular page has 2000 pageview, you have earned yourself two dollars of ads money.


Google Search Console

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  • Overview = An Overview of your site Performace, Coverage and Enhancements.
  • Performance = You can find some statics such as total clicks, total impressions, average click-through-rate, and average position. One of the useful items you can get out from this page is, it will list the queries users use to find your site.
  • URL inspection = To inspect a particular URL of your site.
  • Coverage = It will give you a report if any of your pages are having any issues.
  • Sitemaps = This is the place where you can submit your website sitemap to Google.
  • Mobile Usability = It will give you a report if any of your pages have issues when viewing on mobile devices.
  • Sitelinks searchbox = If you are using Google Search box, it page will give you a report if there are any issues.
  • Links = You can find what is the top external and internal links to your site.

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