What is Facebook pixel and how to set it up


What is Facebook pixel

It is a piece of code provided by Facebook to be placed on your website. When someone visits your website, this code will get trigged. The data collected can help you retarget these users when you are doing Facebook ads campaigns in the future.


Why should I set it up

With this information, Facebook can help to use these data to target the right audience and in turn save your marketing budget.
It can also help you to build a custom audience or lookalike audience.

Custom audiences are data that you already have such as from your CRM system or contact list. The other source is from the website and app visitors. These are people who show interest in your services and products.

Lookalike Audience are people who have similar interests in your services and products from the custom audiences. This is a way to help you to reach new customers.


Do I need one

I recommend that you can start collecting data right now. So in the future when you decide to do Facebook ads, these data is already available to you.


How do I setup

Before we start, you need to have two thing, a website and be able to add code into the website, next we can do the following steps

  • Go to your Events Manager
  • Under Data Sources: select Facebook pixel: Track Websites Activities click the Get Started buttonfacebook-pixel-1
  • Type a Pixel Name and your website URL and click continuefacebook-pixel-2
  • Choose how you want to install the pixel code. For this guide, I will choose “Manually add pixel code to website”.Facebook manually add pixel code to website
  • Install Pixel: Step 1: Copy the code provided by Facebook and paste it into your website before the </head> tag.¬†Step 2: Don’t touch anything.install base code 3 steps
  • Step 3: After you have pasted the code into your website, type the URL in the box provided. If the red dot turn green, I mean the code is working. Click continue.facebook test the base code
  • Set up Events: I will select User Facebook’s Event Setup Tool. If you knew what you want to configure, do choose the Manually Add Event code.facebook set up events
  • Type in the page URL to set up the event.Facebook Set up event 2
  • Your page will pop up in a new tab. Click on the Track new button.Facebook your page
  • Click on the Register button.Facebook - click button
  • After you click on the Register button, a box will pop up. Select the most appropriate button for your button.Facebook set up event list
  • Once you have selected your choice, click confirm.Facebook confirm selection
  • A set up completed box will pop up at the bottom right. Once done with the setup. Click on finish set up.Facebook finish setup
  • Click the finish buttonFacebook finished
  • You will be redirected to the main dashboard and your event setup is completed.Facebook - Event setup complete
  • When you saw that the status is read and active, it means the tracking code is working.Facebook green light
  • On the left navigation, click on the overview tab and you can see how the tracking is performing.Facebook event dashboard



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