How to create a Facebook page under 10 minutes

What is a Facebook Page

Facebook page is not your personal Facebook profiles page, it’s a separate page from your personal profile page. Facebook page is used for business or band to showcase your products and services. Community or Public Figure can also create a Facebook page to connect and share with people in their community or group.


Do I need to create a Facebook Page

Unless you have a business, brand, community or a public figure to promote your products and services or connect with your “fans”, you do not need a Facebook page.


What can you do with Facebook page

It is pretty much the same as what you can do with your Facebook profile page. For Facebook page, you will have an additional insights tab where you can find how many people saw your post, follows likes and other insights.

facebok page analytics


How to create a Facebook page

Before we start, I believe you have a Facebook account because you need one before you can create a Facebook page. You can create your Facebook account if you do not have.

  1. Go to this URL
  2. Choose one of the categories that fit your requirement. It is for business, brand, community or public figure.facebook create a page
  3. For demo purpose, I will choose Business. Click “Get started”.
  4. Name your page and type a word or two to best describe your page under the category box. I will type the Video Game Store.facebook create a business page
  5. After which the address and phone number text box will appear. Do also filled them up and click continue.facebook page fill up address detail
  6. That all, your business page has been created.your new facebook page


Now let do some simple configure to your Facebook page

  1. Upload your business logo with a size of 180px by 180px. Then your banner with a size of 820px by 312px.facebook add banner and logo
  2. Click on the “Create Page @Username” to create a user-friendly username so people can find your page easily.facebook change username
    In the Username box, I type in “gamezonegeek” and click on the “Create Username” button.facebook give a username
    Now your facebook page URL change from to But if you key in the longer version of the URL it will still work.

    new facebook username

  3. At the top right, click on setting, then click on Page info on the left navigation. Complete the about section as much as possible so users who visit your page will know what services you are providing and where they can locate you.facebook page setting page info
    Once you are done, when users click on the about page, they can see the detail.

    facebook about detail

  4. The other different from profile page is you can assign other users to help manged your Facebook page. You can assign different role such as admin, editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst.facebook page roles
  5. If you have a business Instagram account do link them up too.facebook instagram

That the basic configuration you need to get your Facebook page running. For the rest of the configuration, if needed do make the necessary changes.

So starting inviting your friends and customers to like the page.

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