You can host a website for Free using Google Drive

Note: It works if your website is using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If your website is using a content management system such as WordPress, it will not work.

Before we start, you should have the following two items ready

  1. HTML, CSS, images and JS files
  2. A Google account

Let start to host a website for Free

Go to Google Drive and log in using your Google account.

google login page


Move your folder into the google drive. If you have your domain, name the folder as the domain name, else you can give a simple name.

move your folder

folder moved in google drive


Once done, you will see the folder appear on the left navigation. Right-click on the folder name and select Get shareable link.

Get shareable link


Let copy the link.

copy the link

Let open a new tab and type in ( DriveToWeb host web sites using free cloud storage such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive)

drive to web


Select Via Googe Drive and sign in using your Google account

google login page


Select your account.

select your account


Click allow.

click allow


Once you see the following page, it means you have successfully host your website on Google Drive.

The URL in the highlight box is the URL to your website. It cannot be changed.

website successfully hosted


Copy and paste it to a browser and test it.

My new site url


How to use your own domain instead of the one given by

Let copy the URL provided

Login to your domain name provider

godaddy sign in


Click the domain you want to manage.

domain dashboard


If you have an existing CNAME, just change the value with the URL you have copied earlier. For example if the URL is, removed the https:// and / You only need

DNS management


If not, just add a new CNAME

add cname dns


It may take up to 72 hours for your DNS settings to become active. After that, you will be able to access your content at your domain.

You can also check the DNS Propagation.

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