How to clear Facebook cache immediately

You have updated your image and description on your webpage but when you post the URL on a Facebook feed, you notice it is still showing the old image and description. So what happens here?

It is because even tho your website is updated, the Facebook cache is not been updated yet.

In this article, I will show you how you can clear the Facebook cache and you can post your URL immediately after that.

How to clear Facebook cache using Facebook Sharing Debugger

  • Go to Facebook Sharing Debugger page
  • Put in the URL of the page you want to ask Facebook to clear the cache in the textbox and click the debug button

    facebook sharing debugger

  • The page will display all the data pulled from the page which you have provided

    facebook sharing debugger
  • Check that the information for the image and description are correct
  • Now go back to your Facebook feed and post the URL

    facebook post

What if the image and description are not updated

  • You can click the Scrap button to ask the Sharing debugger to refresh the data again

    facebook sharing debugger

  • Else go back to check your web page that the image and description have been updated before going back to the Facebook sharing debugger page to clear the cache again

How to clear your Facebook cache for multiple links at once

  • Click on the Batch Invalidator tab

    Facebook Batch Invalidator

  • Filled up the URLs per line in the text box and click the Debug button

    Batch Invalidator 2
  • Once it has completed, the result will be listed below. To check each results, click on the View Details of each individual links and verify that it has been updated

    facebook sharing debugger

I hope you find this article is useful to you and do share it with your friends and community so more people know how to solve this problem. Happy clearing caches today.

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