How to block certain ads on Youtube

block certain ads on youtube

Are you keep seeing certain repetitive ads such as e-commerce and property ads on youtube and you want to block it?

There are two ways which you can do this:

  • Directly block the ads on youtube
  • Update your ads personalised setting

Directly block the ads on youtube

When the ad is been shown to you which you do not like then click this button call “Why this ad” instead of the skip button.

block ads on youtube

A window will pop up in the middle of the screen. Click the link which say “Stop seeing this ad”.

block ad on youtube 2

Give a reason why you do not like this ads, it is irrelevant, inappropriate or repetitive? OR if you think you might have click wrongly, you can still click the undo link.

pop up ads box

Update your ads personalised setting

Go to your ad setting page

Scroll down and you will see “How your ads are personalised” section.

These ads are based on personal info that you’ve added to your Google Account, data from advertisers that partner with Google and Google’s estimation of your interests.

Click on the ad which you want to remove.

personalised ads setting 1

Click the “Turn off” link

personalised ads setting 2

Finally click “Turn off” one more time.

personalised ads setting 3


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